ca. 250-400 kg/m3
Modulus of Elasticity
AV. 4 000 Mpa
Modulus of Rupture
AV. 40 Mpa

Colour range light reddish-brown. The low density timber is suitable for areas of manufacturing where a low weight is sought after, for example shipping crates and pallets, or as a replacement for balsa wood, ramin or other light weight timbers of relative strength. Out of the cocowood stem, ca. 40% is low density.

ScanZa sells cocowood cut into planks:
air dried (20-25 % MC) or Kiln dried (10-15 % MC)
from the following density and standard sizes:

thickness width length
25 mm
150 mm
3 000 mm
37 mm 150 mm 3 000 mm
70 mm
70 mm
3 000 mm

For sizes outside our standard range, please contact us for quote. We also do pre-fabricated furniture details, T&G flooring material and various types of secondary machining.

Low Density Cocowood