ca. 650-1080 kg/ m3
Modulus of Impact
similar to Oak
Modulus of Elasticity
AV. 15800 Mpa
Modulus of Rupture
AV. 140 Mpa

Colour ranges from medium reddish-brown to dark reddish brown. The high density timber is ideal for flooring material, high wear surface on furniture and fittings, tool handles etc. Out of the cocowood stem, ca. 30% is high density material.

ScanZa sells cocowood cut into planks:
air dried (20-25 % MC) or Kiln dried (10-15 % MC)
from the following density and standard sizes:

thickness width length
30 mm
80 mm
1 500 mm
25 mm
150 mm
3 000 mm
37 mm
120 mm
3 000 mm
37 mm
150 mm
3 000 mm

For sizes outside our standard range, please contact us for quote. We also do pre-fabricated furniture details, T&G flooring material and various types of secondary machining.

High Density Cocowood